Why do you keep running
from your fears
like it has lungs
that run on oxygen,
like you, and I?

Fear will never be escaped.
Run face to face with 
what fears you most.
Either that, or 
get chased down like
wolves frothing after a sheep.

Fear runs deeper,
and deeper,
until it sinks you.
Breeder of paralysis,
and eater of life,
one must fight it,
sword in hand,
to defeat it. 

Seek it out.
Root it out
like a viscous weed
in the most beautiful garden.
Left to survive, 
it’ll suffocate, and eliminate,
every flower, and every fruit.
Every stable root, and every vegetable.

It’ll growl, and howl,
until you bow to it. 
It’s hunger insatiable.
It will; voracious.

Stand and fight.
Run right into it.
Embrace the unknown.
Taste what it feels like
to live free from fear.


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