About Maxim

Hello readers! My name is Maxim, and I’m an aspiring poet. I’m a 22 year guy who writes things that sometimes rhyme.

Other than the listed items above, there really isn’t much else about me. I am just simple guy just trying to pursue his passion. Hopefully you enjoy my content, and work, and provide helpful feedback on ways I can improve.

You can also follow me on Tumblr too is you so choose.

Much Love,

2 thoughts on “About Maxim

  1. Hi Maxim (real name? Amazing, if so!)
    I absolutely love your poetry. Great passion and imagery. You seem very inspired by fire. Your way with words is beautiful. Looking forward to reading your posts. I tried to find you on twitter but couldn’t… I’m @flissvontane if you’d like to follow & I’ll follow back!
    Keep writing!
    Fliss x

    • Indeed, Maxim, is my real name. I appreciate your, undeserving, present support. You can also follow me onTumblr too, if you have one. Also, fire has so many different meanings, significance, and power. I don’t know why, but it’s a word that often comes to my mind. 🙂

      On regards to twitter. I don’t use Twitter much, because I never really had a need too, so I think it got deactivated. I plan to make a new one soon.

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