Lip Service

I want to see her eyes
crane up and lock with mine.

If I said I was ready,
I’d be a liar because
I’m nervous.

Lip service,
from her,
is what I’m begging for.
Her’s are perfection,
and I cannot ignore
their scarlet seduction.


Severed (Work in progress)

Puzzle pieces littered the floor.
My gaze darting to and fro.
I see my inner child escaping.
I feel my heart leaping and leaving.
My imagination is trying to revive me,
but my rational has already severed
the veins that facilitated my creativity.

“Writer’s Block”

This piece was written in response to Poetry Riot’s prompt, over on Tumblr, titled “when the smoke clears”. If you use Tumblr check them out HERE.

“Writer’s Block”

Here I sit…
Watching this cursor flick
in and out,
and in and out,
and in and out,
in…. and out,
of existence
on this virtual surface
on this virtual notepad
on this monitor of mine.

One would label
this sensation as
“Writer’s block”,
but this time around
I’m not blocked,
but instead I’m suffocating on smoke.
A smoke left perpetually
drifting in and out,
of my mind and
it’s dictating my ability
to productively produce
a piece of poetry.

But when the smoke clears
flames begin whirl-winding again.
Words forming lines,
then lines forming stanzas,
and then I wind up
with a fire storm
called a poem.

It’ll blaze awile,
but once that blaze fades out,
I’m left with the suffocating
smoke again,
that some would label
“Writer’s block”.


(Rather short, and I do actually plan to make a longer poem on how much we are addicted to social media and instant communications, but for now here is a short little one :).)

Sit down and think.
This may seem like a tall order for today’s society.
We move so fast,
Like lighting,
With no rest,
We are suffering from anxiety,
And it’s frightening
How much stress we accumulate.

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