I’m carving my own path
though this mountain like life,
rather than traversing the path
downtrodden by the depressed.


Sunshine; Flower

She wore a yellow flower in her hair.
She said – ”It means nothing.”
But to a poet, everything gets paired with meaning…

Her eyes began gleaming 
at the sound of my words,
that began flowing from my mouth
in poetic explanation of how the
bright yellow flower matched her heart.

The poem I spoke; 
“How bright the petals, of yellow, glow.
The ones you placed in your hair.
They followed the same path,
and shared the same energy,
produced by your heart. 

Let it shine though!
Even if the darkness
decided to envelope you.
Swallow you.
Hold you closer then I do.

The sun is the only one 
in comparison to how magnificent your  
your soul shines.
Words are scarce to find.
I’m in awe of your sunshine.”


The lost

Before the sea swallows the land
like a beast downing a sheep..

And before the sky falls
and covers all below
in blankets of fire like 
children being tucked in 
for the final time….

Let it be know that we tried.
We were cast aside,
and prodded to go else were
like cows to their slaughter.

We where the hopeful ones 
among the hopeless.
We fought with words instead 
of swords, and we shielded
our selves with faith, and not gold.

We placed our comfort in our back pockets.
Stitched on our sleeves our are beliefs.
We where the ones who had
seen what the world had to offer and
denied it the pleasure of devouring us.

Lost, but not in darkness,
we emerged a people of freedom.
We where the lighthouses guiding ships
back from the sea. 

We where warned of the destruction.
Instruction denied.
Devastation….. supplied.


Treasure Chest

The sadness from the past
has left your heart agape 
with a black void.

I shall intertwine my 
fingers full with fiery of love, 
and grip your blight struck heart.

I will pour passion past
the spilling point,
and steal the top,
like a stone cap to a well,
with a kiss infused with life

To make sure 
you heart never surrenders
to sadness ever again,
I will always hold you close.

I will dawn my armor,
silver and gold with hope,
and draw my sword when
I  sense any threat that 
wishes to steal the treasure
I’ve stored with in your chest.


Natural Love

The sky will sing
her name when we
walk on the wind.

The clouds will part,
and the sun will
spill it’s warmth over
the length of our shoulders,
and down our backs.

The tress will 
beat like snares
when they sway side to side,
wile we glide over their tops.

Waters shall make waves
in attempts to grab us.
They will crash below us.
Making sounds, such as symbols
being bashed with drum sticks.

The clouds will
anger with each laugh
that we playfully utter.
They will reach out fingers
to strike us down from their

With each failing pass 
they grown with thunder
to give us bass to feed our
melodic moments.

Nothing under the sun
shall break our love asunder.

The tress shall not break us.
The waves will never take us.
The thunder shall never quake us.

But this abyss,
filled to the brim with love,
and bliss, will consume us,
but we shall dance joyfully into it.


Silent Screams

So you sit silently,
waiting for someone
else to say something
to stop this sinking ship?

Stand up!
Say something.
Scratch that!
Shout your soul.
Shake the world.
Scare fear.
Start it down 
and silence it.

Stick up
for your beliefs.
Swords drawn,
we sliced down

Say something that matters.
Stop sitting so silently,
wile the world is screaming
so quietly.


Water on Fire

Do you know what you see?
Are you elated like me?

Bells ring.
Bees sting.
Birds sing.
Boxers swing.

Your eyes.
Your eyes.
They are shining.
Mine are sinking,
down your body.

Boats and waves.
Clouds and lighting strikes.
You and I.

We are rougher than
stormy waters.
We’re more beautiful
than the summer 
sunset over the ocean.

You and I.
Ghosts in houses-
static clothes
on goose bumped skin.

Crowed streets-
faces pass.
They’ll never last,
like us.

We’re forever-
always floating,

We’ve been drowned
so long,
that found ways to breath the water,
and then we lit the water on fire.



Lovely Disaster

Fake and cracked.
Faded and wrecked.

The mask.
Her facade.

Her life,
and her demise.

Stripped from
all the things she 
used to sing of.


Forced fed,
lies. Disguised.

Oh my.
My oh my.
How could I 
not love thy 
cry-ing eyes.

Doing all I can
to mend a heart,

Pieces scattered.