I’m carving my own path
though this mountain like life,
rather than traversing the path
downtrodden by the depressed.


Soaring Hearts

Our hearts are soaring
higher then before and,
we swore never to go back to being grounded.

The clouds are roaring
wile we where fly’in’ round them,
weightless, and unbounded.

Wile the world was snoring,
we decided to take our flight,
and that’s when our hearts began pounding.

Our love started pouring
over top of the trees,
and everything surrounding.


Drifted and Drowned

Why do you keep
running this
rat race that this
society illusioned
you into believing
that you have
to spend your
entire life running it 
to win in this life?

Are you afraid
to come face to face
with your biggest fear?

Or are you afraid
that you’ll never be the same?

So instead you play this game
you hate because you’ve
done it so long you have
become comfortably

Tell me I’m wrong,
and say “That sounds dumb”
all day,
but take a
look in your own eyes.
They’ve become bloodshot 
mirrors of exhaustion 
from pretending like you’re 
living every day,

How far away did
you drift off before
you drowned?

Are you proud?
Is that crown you received
worth the loss of 
everything you’ve
ever loved?

Is it enough
to appease
the peace that is
chained, waiting for
it’s release?


Ooze Light

I’ve been growing up
with my neck in a noose,
thinking that the only
think I can do
in this life is lose.

Good new!
I’ll wear these bruises
’round my neck like
inspirational badges to
break lose from
this self fulfilling depression
and let light ooze from
from every self inflicted wound
that tried to remind me
why I shouldn’t be alive.
Be free,
and live
like light.

in your self,
and never give up.