Lip Service

I want to see her eyes
crane up and lock with mine.

If I said I was ready,
I’d be a liar because
I’m nervous.

Lip service,
from her,
is what I’m begging for.
Her’s are perfection,
and I cannot ignore
their scarlet seduction.


Severed (Work in progress)

Puzzle pieces littered the floor.
My gaze darting to and fro.
I see my inner child escaping.
I feel my heart leaping and leaving.
My imagination is trying to revive me,
but my rational has already severed
the veins that facilitated my creativity.

Running to Ghosts

I’ve been running
too long to breath.
I can’t see what is

I’ve been running
too long to notice
that I’ve gone
completely numb,
but I cant tell what 
I’ve been running

I’ve felt ghosts.
I’ve heard shadows.
I’ve seen the dark.

I’ve ran 
into one of them…
and now I’ve become
all of them.