Lip Service

I want to see her eyes
crane up and lock with mine.

If I said I was ready,
I’d be a liar because
I’m nervous.

Lip service,
from her,
is what I’m begging for.
Her’s are perfection,
and I cannot ignore
their scarlet seduction.


From fear

From fear I will go.
From fear you shall follow.

We will know life
in a place far from fear.

Anxiety, like asphyxiation,
griped our throats for a wile now,
but tonight we will breathe new life
in a place far from fear
and we shall stay there.


Dig deeper.

Free your mind.
Take some time
and dig a bit deeper
just to see what you’ll find.

Jot it down in a notebook,
or film it.
Paint it on a canvas,
or craft it.
Snap it with a camera,
or sketch a rough draft of it.
Act it out,
or sing it out.
Pluck it out
on some guitar strings,
or tap it out on some keys.

leave doubt,
an the fear of failure,